1. Introduction-Christopher
2. Food-Christopher (supposed to be made by emma but not submitted to me)
4.Music and ceremonies-Denneille
5. Weapons and tools-Dean
6. Clothing-Christopher
9. Recreation-Sufiyah
11. References-Everyone

The Inuit people are a group of culturally similar people that inhabit the arctic regions of Greenland, Canada, the United States, and Eastern Siberia. Inuit is plural, the single form is Inuk.
Inuit Food
The Inuit couldn`t cultivate plants for food in the arctic so they collected what was naturally available to them. Grasses, seaweed, fireweed, roots, tubers, stems, and berries were collected and preserved, depending on the current season and their location

The Inuit tribe ate caribou, seal, beluga whales, muskoxen, birds, fish, and sometimes fox/polar bear meat. During the winter months, to hunt underwater, they had to cut a hole in the water and wait for their catch, then use their spears to kill and take the animal. The Inuit ate their meals raw, and bluber and fat were like a treat to them. They thought seal was very tasty and they liked seal liver very much. Seal and polar bears were a little bit harder to hunt. To catch a seal, you had to look like one to sneak up on it. To catch a polar bear, you had to be as strong as them and very patient and quiet.
A seal that fell victim to hunting
The caribou, a main source of meat for the Inuit
A polar bear in the arctic


They used kayaks to move across the water. Kayaks are boats made for one person. The Inuit people used a sled led by a team of dogs to travel over the land in the past. They were made from driftwood and sealskin, the Inuits used two end paddles to steer it. They also travelled by an umiak that holds up to ten people. A kayak was used mainly to hunt seal or other marine animals and to travel across long bodies of water. Dog sleds were used to travel across the land which was mostly snow , and was easier then walking. A umiak had the same purposes as a kayak except it could hold up to ten people making it easier to hunt. They also used boots called kamiks made from sealskin and caribou skin which were
mainly used, Inuits would travel many miles on foot. Inuits would use bones and wood to make the outside of kayaks and umiaks they used sealskin for the inside.
Inuit kayak

Music and Ceremonies

The Inuit tribe use music dance and ceremonies to tell stories. They told stories of spirits. A ceremony called Bladde Dance was held after a long hunt, instruments mainly used in these ceremonies were the shallow, one side drum. The drums were made from caribou skin, or walrus stomach or bladder. Throat singing is a type of Inuit music, it is usually song by two women. One singer makes a sound then the other one does a different sound but in a faster rhythm. The Inuit use music, dance and ceremonies as entertainment.

Inuit ceremony
Throat singing with an elder

Weapons and tools

The Inuit tribe use many weapons and tools to help them with their survival. They use tools to help them make weapons, homes and even hunt food. The weapons and tools the Inuit tribe use were Tomahawks, stone knives, stone hammers, bows and arrows, harpoons, spears, and fishing rods.


Tomahawks are small little stone axes that the Inuit tribe would use as a weapon. It was use at a weapon because when the Inuit tribe use it, it would be thrown at something or someone, this weapon was also use to attack someone or something in face to face combat.
Inuit tomahawk

Spears and harpoons

Spear and harpoons were the most important to the Inuit tribe because it would catch most of the food they ate. Spears are long sticks with a very sharp end at the top, it was made out of stones and wood and would be thrown like a dart at someone or something. Harpoons are like spears but with a string tied at the bottom of the stick, it was used to be thrown underwater to hunt whales and seals.
Inuit spear

Stone knives and hammers

Stone knives
and hammers were used both weapons and tools. Stone knives were used as a tool by carving wooden weapons or tools, as a weapon they were used for close combat. Stone hammers were used as tools by crafting heated weapons and used a weapon by someone throwing it at another tribe or an animal at a certain distance.
Inuit knife

Bow and arrow

Bow and arrows were used for long distance attacks. The Inuit tribe used it for hunting fast animals like dear and rabbit and was also used when having war with different tribes.

Inuit man using bow and arrow

Inuit Clothing

The Inuit tribe lived in very cold places, so their clothing was made mainly for warmth. The Inuit also tried to make their clothes comfortable while making sure they were warm in cool weather , and cool in warm weather. The Inuit used a lot of caribou skin because it was warm and lightweight. Some Inuit groups used polar bear fur to make coats. To make the coats, 2 animal skins were put in back to back with fur inside and out. The Inuit also made light parkas from seal skin for spring, summer, and fall. Seal skin was also used for waterproof boots. The Inuit tribe made snow goggles to prevent snow-blindness. They were made from caribou antler, and sinew was used for the strap. Men and women of the Inuit tribe both wore trousers that covered their boots and hooded tunics. Women`s tunics were made very large to carry babies inside the garment. They also used boots called kamiks made from sealskin and caribou skin which were
mainly used, Inuits would travel many miles on foot. Inuits would use bones and wood to make the outside of kayaks and umiaks they used sealskin for the inside.
Different boots (kamiks)
Inuit parkas
Inuit eyewear

Inuit Homes
The Inuit people were nomadic people so their homes had to be quick and easy to build. The Inuit people lived in large villages in the summer, and small groups in the winter.

The Inuit tribe lived in igloos during the winter. Igloos are made of densely packed snow and ice. Igloos took 20-30 minutes to build, depending on the size. If a hole is discovered in the igloo, it will be patched up with soft snow which will provide extra insulation.

The Inuit tribe lived in tents during the summer. The tents were made out of caribou/seal skin which was hung off of a frame which was made of either driftwood or bones from a whales ribs. To ensure that their tent cover didn`t get blown off by the wind, a ring of boulders was placed on the tent cover.

The Inuit tribe also made permanent homes called sod homes for the winter. Sod homes were made with a hole in the ground. Rocks and sod were used to make walls, then wood or whale bone
was used to make a frame, which was then covered with sod.
Inuit sod home
Inuit summer tent
Inuit igloo


The Inuit tribe lived in a very cold environment. They lived in the Arctic region of Canada and Alaska.Winters were long, there wasn't much light and the plants were not able to grow, except for in the summer. But the summers were short so there was only a small amount of crops that grew. Most of the year, they lived with ice and deep snow. Whenever the snow melts, the ground is rocky and rough. The Inuit tribe treated every living creature with respect , they believed that people were a part of the environment. This tribe had to know how to use what their environment offered.
Arctic tundra
Summer landscape
Treeless landscape

Inuit recreation

The children would go outside and play hide and seek or pretending to hunt. They also enjoy playing tag. The elders play games too. Some games test the mind like cats cradle. They also told a lot of stories. The Inuit also fish and swim for fun. Today the Inuit play volleyball, basketball, badminton, ice hockey and curling. They also use all sorts of electronics.
Inuit kayaking

Inuit spirits

To the Inuit tribe everything has a spirit. They believe that spirits can affect peoples life and can be controlled by charms and talismans. The Inuit tribe blamed everything bad that happened to them on displeased spirits. There are guidelines that the Inuit half to follow to make the spirits happy. They had to pay respect to the spirit of the animals they hunted if they didn't the spirits would turn into demons. The Inuit believed that humans were made of three parts. A body, a name and a soul. When some body died only the body died the name and soul will live on.